Canoe, Paddle or Misc. Submission Form


NameLocationBuilderModelYearCanoe #Original OwnerNotesHistory/TripsPicture
Dimondale, MIMarkSea Wind234No“It’s wonderful”Grand River, Manistee River, Boardman River
Emily DrouinQuebec, CanadaVerlen, Mark and ISea Wind2005199YesFlorida, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
MikeBrewerton, NYSawyerLoonNo“I love my Loon, great boat!”St Lawrence River, Oneida Lake & smaller bodies of water
Scott VenmanAnn Arbor, MIMarkSea Wind2009253No
Mack TruaxLowell, MIMarkSea Wind2018297Yes“Purchased and sold 3 used SeaWinds to my friends so we can paddle together. Circumnavigated Isle Royle with all 4.”The Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) is 740 miles, 24 Rivers, 68 Lakes and I’ve done it 6 times, last 3 times with my SeaWind. Many other trips including the MN Kruger Waddell challenge with Mark P in 2018 that turned out to be his last trip.
Bryan BanksFlorence, WIVerlenSea Wind2001141No
Norm MillerLivingston, MTVerlenSea Wind199869Yes“Built also with the help of Scott Smith who worked with Verlen at the time. It’s my go-to solo boat. I don’t “baby” it. Well used! I’ve had to blow off my truck and cartwheel down the interstate with only a broken rudder cable and a few scuff marks. My boat and stories have inspired others to purchase a Kruger and do a long a** trips. Best boats around for tripping.”1: Solo St. Louis to Pacific during Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in 2004. Missouri, Clearwater, Snake and Columbia rivers. 6 month journey including 4 weeks backpacking over the Rockies.

2: Solo Ft. McMurray Alberta on the Athabasca River to Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort sea. 2000 miles down the Athabasca, Slave, and Mackenzie Rivers. Including across Lake Athabasca and the South Shore of Great Slave Lake, and about 50 miles of the Beaufort sea.

# 3 Numerous multi day excursions in the Yellowstone, Missouri, Jefferson, Madison, Snake rivers. Yellowstone Lake, Jackson Lake. Trips from overnight to week-long +. My local paddling areas.
Jeff T.Eau Claire, WIMarkSea Wind2005202YesMississippi Source to Sea, Lake Superior, Midwest Rivers and Lakes
Bill ZellerDunbarton, NHMad RiverMonarch1983MADK7995M830-KYes“It is the only canoe of many that I will never sell. Incredible in flat and white water rivers, big and small lakes as well in oceans. Unbelievably Tough!”Allagash river, Maine, Lake Superior, Back, Mara, Burnside Rivers in Northwest Territory & Nunavut, Atlantic & Arctic Oceans
HoganAlton, ILVerlenKruger Cruiser17No“Planning a Missouri River Source To Sea in this boat with my wife when we retire.”3 MR340 races (one 10th place overall)
Jeff GibsonChesapeake, VAMarkSea Wind2009247Yes“Phenomenal craftsmanship and design. I even had my Sea Wind fall off my truck on to the highway due to a failed hardware bracket on my Thule rack resulting in only minor cosmetic damage. Not sure other boats would have survived that incident.”MR340 x 2, Chesapeake Bay, James River, Florida Everglades, Great Dismal Swamp, Missouri River, Potomac, and many lakes
David MillerNYMarkSea Wind2004194NoBeaverheas, Jefferson, 3Forks toGreat Falls. St.Louis to Memphis.
David MillerNYMarkKruger Cruiser201138NoAdirondack Lakes
Tim KeenFranklin, TNVerlenSea Wind199855NoToo many to list… From Great Lakes & Sea of Cortez and many places in between. Boundary Waters & Quetico